Our Story

Althymin was established to provide high quality vitamins, minerals, and supplements made with pure ingredients so that every adult in your family can fulfill essential nutrients and get healthier, regardless of gender, age, and food habits. We cooperated with researchers, supplement developers, nutritionists, doctors, pharmacist, and acupuncturists for conducting science-based clinical research to find ideal health supplements for every adults and came up with Althymin Multivitamin, that is formulated using pure, vegan, Kosher ingredients only. As a result, every adult in your family can be well nourished with just one or two capsules daily. Our products are Kosher certified, which means that it is strictly monitored for its quality, pureness, ingredient usage. We also use vegan capsules that is made from vegan-friendly ingredients in order to avoid artificial and animal-derived components in our products. Our goal is to support you, your family, your friends, and everyone with healthy and nutritious supplements so that everyone can live healthier, whether they are man or woman, vegetarian or non-vegetarian, young or old.